BeeWell Assisted Living Winterberry

Nampa, ID



BeeWell Assisted Living Winterberry is an assisted living facility located in Nampa, ID at 3989 E Winterberry Dr, Nampa, ID 83687.

This facility focuses on elderly care residents.

Please contact our facility administrator, Jo Lara, at if you’re interested in joining our family at BeeWell Winterberry. You can also call our facility at 208-461-7822.


We are also certified Medicaid providers with the state of Idaho, Blue Cross of Idaho, and Molina Healthcare.

Community Specific Amenities

On-Site laundry services

Fenced yard

Dining room

Personal restroom

Wheel-in shower

Smoking area

Cable television


Seating area

Community Specific Services

Dressing assistance


Laundry services

Medication management

Daily meals


Contact Us to Learn How to be a Resident at

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Winterberry Facility

3989 E Winterberry Dr, Nampa, ID 83687


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